Swanpark Nhon Trach Project – Smart city inside and out

SwanPark Nhon Trach project – The largest green space area  

The average amount of green space per person will be 30m2, this will make every moment in SwanPark the most peaceful, natural and most relaxing experience anyone could every wish for.

The l akes, the parks, the l andscape.

The Greenery, lakes and scenic waterside landscape are all uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly into the Green Eco-ring. The Eco-Ring is comprised of 3 individually Themed Parks, stretching out over a total land area of 76ha, which includes SwanLake, The Biggest Lake in Vietnam.

Culture. art – Entertainment.
Swanpark Nhon Trach Project, Our Entertainment Boulevard, as well as, the Multicoloured Park, together span an area of over 29ha in size. Theyhave come together to create an enchanting Entertainment Hub, which simply cannot be missed. You will be surprised to find the richest array of Arts and Culture available here.

The largest sports complex for residents.
The Sports Complex and Community living area have been specially designed to bring about an exceptional residential living experience. The Sports Park, totalling 25ha in size, is the ideal place for our residents to work out
on a daily basis which will lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Swanpark Nhon Trach

Globally recognised education institutions.
Our smaller SwanPark residents will have the opportunity to study in a highly advanced educational environment. A system comprising of 16 schools, which offer all levels of education will be established over an area of 53ha in size. This will form a solid educationally foundation on par with all global leading institutions for residents at SwanPark Nhon Trach project

SwanPark Nhon Trach Project – Smart city inside and out

Effectively incorporating the most innovative technology in urban planning, design, construction, as well as, operation, every home is a happy one. Each home is equipped with the most cutting edge technological devices, which are essential for daily life.

The largest and Most sophisticated healthcare infrastructure in Vetnam.
More than 7.8ha have been dedicated to the development of healthcare centres and hospitals, built with the most
technologically advanced medical equipment in the world.

The new financial, econo Mic and commercial core of the region
This bustling and vibrant business area is set to be the highest quality financial and economic centre, which has been specifically designed to be the urban nucleus of the city. With its integration of impressive office buildings,
business centres, hotels and restaurant, this is any companies dream office location.

Nurturing creative start-ups.
The very first creative space for the start-up community, providing the perfect platform and nurturing environment
for growth of future hi-tech enterprises. This space will attract talents in research and development, Science and
Technology, not only from within Vietnam but also from all over the Globe.

Seam less design for a cosm opolitan lifestyle.
Planned and constructed according to the highest standards set by the worlds leading modern day cities. Our
transportation infrastructure, which totals 197.7ha is size collectively, has been designed to offer the smartest
and most efficient network for traveling in and out of the city.

Enjoying the best values in life

At SwanPark Nhon Trach project, Whether it be a simple facility, running track , school or playground, we take the utmost care in ensuring that every concept and design, is done with careful attention to detail, in order to create the very best experiences for all of our residents, regardless of what phase they are in, in their lives. We cater for you, your family, the elderly and for your young children, for professionals and artists alike. We are a City for all.

Enjoying the best values in life



Great business solution combined with a life of comfort.

Situated on SwanPark’s main road, the multi-functional Shophouse combines business with living pleasure. The
Shophouse is a specialized product which is a superb value-add to any owner. The Shophouse is extremely popular with customers

  • Land area : 7.2m X 21m
  • GFA : 248.90m2
Shophouse Swanpark

Small Townhouse – An exceptional touch of architecture

The Small-Townhouse SwanPark Nhon Trach project is the perfect expression of luxury and modernity. The Small Townhouse showcases remarkable architectural elegance, which is accentuated by the surrounding manicured gardens. The light flowsabundantly through the many windows of the Small-Townhouse, which provide the residents with a panoramic view of the scenic beauty and greenery that abounds. With its contemporary design, the Small-Townhouse is ndoubtedly the ideal choice for those who lead an active and demanding lifestyle

  • Land area : 6.3m X 17m
  • GFA : 123.30m2

Big townhouse – The Vibrancy of harmony

The Big-Townhouse SwanPark Nhon Trach project features an array of windows and balconies which suite each other perfectly, in a harmonious
architectural blend. Both allow for unrestricted access to extravagant scenic views and generous sunlight. Careful thought has been placed into the layout of each room within the Big-Townhouse, in order to ensure the circulation of fresh air at every turn.

  • Land area : 6.3m X 17m
  • GFA : 145.30m2
Big townhouse

Semi Detached – Perfect combination 

The Divide between the outdoor and indoor living spaces become seamless in this beautiful design. Each element
is laid out so as to create a smooth, interconnected and uninterrupted flow. Looking into the house from the outside
through a sleak glass design, it is filled with vibrant greenery with magnificent and complimentary interior concept.
The Semi-Detached Houses are the ideal choice for those who are youthful, energetic and Success-driven.

  • Land area : 9.3m X 19.4m
  • GFA : 185.17m2
Semi detached Swanpark

Villa – Honouring luxury

The Landed Villa are the ideal representation of Perfection. The Villa is surrounded by beautiful, natural landscapes. The Feng Shui Lake which captivates your view and brings you the feeling of pure relaxation as the homeowner. Each Villa has a unique, aristocratic design, where gardens intertwine with landscaping in a harmonious way. Each open space is filled with abundant sunshine and constant streams of frech clean air. The Villa Signifys wealth, elitism and style.

  • Land area : 11.8m X 19.8m
  • GFA : 215.17m2

See more at website: https://duanswanpark.com

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